The largest and best-equipped

Kent Line ensures you get the highest standards in full agency services from our experienced representatives.  We are the largest and best-equipped agency in New Brunswick.  As the only agency with a bonded warehouse, we can save you time, money and the hassle of additional documentation.


  • General Port Agency
  • Owner's Protective Agency
  • Full Husbandry
  • Bonded Warehouse and Courier


  • Flexibility
  • Tanker industry specialization
  • Leveraging of affiliate organizations
  • Customer focus
  • Depth of support

Specialized Support:

Full Emergency Response Team

  • Uses existing Emergency Response System of affiliate marine services company
  • Team comprised of Ops, Technical / Engineering, HR, Safety
  • Available 24/7
  • Capable of supporting any ship-board emergency
  • Intimate knowledge of local emergency response organizations (pollution, fire, medical environment, Canadian Coast Guard, etc)
  • Access to specialized contractors
  • Level of support can be adjusted according to Owner's requirements
  • Always acting under the guidance / authority of the Master/Owner
  • Designed to support/augment Owner's Emergency Response efforts

Kent Line Agency operates out of the Port of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.  From this location we are available to service any East Coast Port through our network of agents.

Contact us today for more information on how Kent Line can meet your agency needs:

Kent Line Limited
1 Willet Avenue
Saint John, NB
E2J 0A2
Tel (24 hr): 506-648-2779
Tel (duty agent): 506-636-0816
Fax: 506-633-5490

Gordon Ferris
Agency Business Manager
Office: 506-648-3119

Kevin Lagos
Agency Manager
Office: 506-648-2718